Figuration versus Abstraction, Doug Jones, Print Media ’22


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    43″ x 60″

    ink, charcoal, paper

    I place Mark Bradford, Kerry James Marshall, and Gordon Hall in conversation.

    I will make my fuller artist statement available with the drawing to the person/people that purchase the painting upon their request.

    Mounting and framing options (at additional costs) are available.

    Item is located in Detroit, MI. Local pickup available. Shipping available for an additional fee. Contact for a custom shipping quote.

    As part of this year’s STUDIO sale, I am selling 50 of my monoprint versions of Roy Lichtenstein’s Drowning Girl painting. I am using a plate that I etched at Anderson Ranch, last summer. Each print will ‘say’ something different. This summer, I will work with Cranbrook alum, Gary Chapman, to practice archival drawing in Tennessee at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts as a Windgate Fellow.

    Print media remains at the core of my approach to creating art. Reproduction carries with it a unique agency and set of technologies that allow us, commonly, to transcend space and time. A plate, like all media, requires a performative agency that is documented in marks and experiments. I intentionally explore materials; My research focuses on the palimpsest.

    I produce work in multiple media. First year, I cast light and shadows across 3D forms to produce narrative prints and photography. I also developed graphic, film, and sound collages. I worked in a small corner studio in the basement of the annex. Second year, my studio is at least twice the size and in the architecture department. I have immediate access to a metal shop and a woodshop. I regularly use this space to produce prints, drawings, paintings, sculpture, and various kinds of 3 dimensional forms. In the print media department and the architecture department, I am so incredibly fortunate to regularly participate in interdisciplinary dialogues, discussions, and critiques that span the entire academy by including classmates from each department.