Eternity_Evie & Vern, Eighteen (Yihan) Yuan, Metalsmithing ’23

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    Ture size on body

    Enamel,Cooper, Steel, Sliver, Neckties, Silk Threads

    After 66 years of marriage, my friend Evie’s husband, Vern, passed away. As a way to memorialize him, she shared with me his entire collection of neckties.I carefully lay them on the table. I see Vern’s handiwork in the curves left in the silk. Vern is there. I trace the outline of my rocks at about the bar tack, removing a segment of silk and hand embroidering the scar. I transfer the segment of each tie onto decal paper and put underfired enamel rock with the patterned decal into the kiln again. After a small flame burns out slowly, the pattern of the tie is permanently left on the enamel rock, for filling in the lost.

    Eighteen (Yihan) Yuan is a metalsmith and jeweler born in China. She moved to the United States and received her BFA from State University of New York at New Paltz in Metal in 2020, and then attended Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan.
    Obsessed with rocks, she constructs and fabricates sculptural jewelry that explores the reflection of human sentiment in nature through the connection of jewelry and body. By introducing narrative materials, such as ties, soap ends, maps, her work evoke the audience to feel the feeling of love, loss, and belonging attentively.