Earring 1, Rachel (qianying) Zhu, Metalsmithing ’24

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    tall one: H: 0.23, L:2.8,W:1

    short one: H 0.22, L:2.5, W:1.2

    Sterling Silver

    Qianying Zhu is a jewelry designer with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Jewelry Program at Savannah College of Art and Design, 2021. Qianying focuses on self-expression through artistic jewelry. She enjoys observing the characteristics of different things such as nature, animals, and humans, and then expressing them through painting, jewelry, and other forms of artwork. She loves contrast; thus, you can find her works with plentiful use of texture, shape, color, density, and a celebration of difference. She believes that art can show one’s life process. Willing to work with various materials, and practiced many times to identify the topics, Qianying devotes herself to creating unique works that show personal views and style, learning a basic understanding of life – whole and individual – from her artistic creations. Qianying is currently an MFA candidate in the Metalsmithing Department at Cranbrook Academy of Art, 2024.

    IG: @qyz_zhu