DIRTY BOMB, Michael Candy, 4D Design ’23


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    13X3X3 inches

    Cast Lead, 3D Printed Plastic, 4k Microscope camera, Custom Electronics, Code

    Dirty Bomb is a sculpture that emits a live video feed (VIA HDMI) of a safely contained radioactive sample. Over many decades the radiation will slowly destroy pixels in the imaging sensor, reducing the feed to white noise. In this way the video itself is a durational live performance.

    This sculpture proposes a threat by disguising itself as a pipe bomb or IED. Made entirely from lead, this enclosure protects the viewer from the potentially harmful radiation inside.

    At its core the cylinder contains a 3D printed sub-structure to mount a 4k industrial microscope camera aimed directly at a sample of Trinitite, a glass formed from desert sand during the first ever nuclear test (the Trinity test 5:29 a.m. on July 16, 1945).

    FOR ADDITIONAL INFO PLEASE SEE: https://michaelcandy.com/DIRTY-BOMB
    FOR PROCESS IMAGES PLEASE SEE: https://tinyurl.com/38u46hre

    This work is available for pre-order, with anticipated availability September 2023. Buyers will be contacted to complete payment when the work is available for purchase and pick up/shipping. 

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    Michael Candy is an artist whose work reflects the socio-political currents of contemporary technologies. Acting as a witness to the oppressive nature of cybernetics and digital culture, Candy positions the viewer in a physical and moral confrontation with issues challenging society.

    His installations, sculpture, and video works often emerge as social experiments or ecological interventions in public space. This didactic practice seeks to mediate the liminal realm that the digital age oppresses on the physical world.

    By directly interfacing the systems in question, Candy’s works enact the artist’s desire to reach a deeper register of audience feeling, endowing experiences–not spectacle. These robotic anomalies draw aesthetically from a lineage of post-industrial design, robotic engineering, and emergent technology.

    Candy has been involved in many international exhibitions and residencies, notably: Water, (GOMA, Brisbane), Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art, (AGSA, Adelaide), Ars Electronica Festival, (Linz, Austria), The Kathmandu Triennale (Kathmandu, Nepal), The Forum of Sensory Motion (Athens, Greece), The Instrument Builders Project + Hackteria Lab (Yogyakarta, Indonesia), and Hawapi (Huepetuhe, Peru).

    Michael is also the winner of the WRO Award as part of the 16th Media Art biennale in Poland and Prix Cube in Paris. He has also been a finalist in the Jeremy Hynes Award (Brisbane, Australia) and the Bio Art and Design Award (The Hague, Netherlands).
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    IG: @mcandy_