Decay Series State 2, Linda Kentoffio, Print Media ’22


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    26.75″ x 19.5″

    Copper plate etching and oxidation transfer

    State 2 in a series of prints focused on the process of decay. The imagery is drawn from cycles of decomposition and consumption in nature. The blue is from the copper plate being oxidized and transferred to the paper during the printmaking process. The color of the blue may shift over time and this is considered a non archival process.

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    Linda Kentoffio is a New York based artist whose practice uses printmaking, papermaking, drawing, and sculpture to explore our connection to, and interactions with the natural world. Inspired by time spent in nature throughout her life, Linda’s work regularly involves gathering natural materials from the environment to bring in and use in her practice. Found branches constitute the frameworks for her sculptures, locally sourced fibers are used in her papermaking, and found pods, roots, and seeds make up the subject matter of her drawings and prints. Drawing from the natural cycles of life, death, and decomposition, Linda’s installation work regularly incorporates decay as a part of the piece, becoming time based and embracing interactions with the natural environment. Linda’s interest in decay and materiality have also led her to begin looking at the breakdown of her materials in her two-dimensional work, regularly actively causing oxidation of the copper plates that she uses for her printmaking, incorporating the transfer of the oxidized copper as another layer to her prints. Through Linda’s interactions with the natural environment and embrasure of material decay, Linda seeks to find unity between the human and the natural world, and to point to our place within it.

    IG: @lgkarts