Custom Pistons-inspired Sneakers and Game Night Experience


The STUDIO Art Sale is now closed. Please contact with any questions.

The Detroit Pistons are partnering with Detroit-based sneaker artist, El Cappy, to create a custom pair of sneakers inspired by this 1 of 1 piece of digital artwork also created by local artist Matt Zelley.  These custom sneakers will be made in your size and will be the perfect complement to your outfit to wear during your game night experience which includes 2 Club Seats with all inclusive food & beverage and parking for one game during the 2021-22 Detroit Pistons regular season.

Detroit artist Eric Lowry, better known as El Cappy, uses an unusual canvas for his artwork — sneakers. They are not repurposed old tennis shoes, but instead one-of-a-kind, detailed designs that turn run-of-the-mill shoes into works of art.

Game night experience will be a mutually agreed upon date during the 2021-22 Season.