Crystal Candlesticks, Madeline Isakson, 3D Design ’22


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    11″ H x 6″ Diameter (each)

    Original is glass, digital replica is lead crystal.

    This work is made up of two pieces – one is the original glass candlestick that I picked up at the thrift store and the second is its modern digital counterpart..

    This piece fits into the larger theme of my work of exploring the value of discarded and mass produced objects through material shifts, distortion, and replication. The original candleholder is a good representation of the ubiquitous and aura-less objects that we are surrounded by. It’s original design may have been based on a hand-made candleholder but through industrialization and reproduction it has become a soulless decorative object, but by applying this process of photogrammetry and shifting from physical to digital back to physical the reproduced object becomes distorted in ways that make it more uniquely formed than the original. Now they live together as a set – the mass-produced original and its one-off digital imitation.

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    Madeline Isakson is an artist currently based in Detroit. Before attending Cranbrook, she received her BFA in furniture design from California College of the Arts. Isakson’s work is investigational and largely focused on experimenting with new processes, inventing new materials, and exploring ways in which she can bring new life to post-consumer and industrial waste. Her interest in remixing these kinds of materials is rooted in exploring perceived worth and how the value of an object is affected by lifting familiar icons from consumer culture and re-contextualizing them.