Coyote Grand Canyon, George P Perez, Photography ’23


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    50 x 40

    light jet prints, tape

    collage work of reconstructed 1 inch squares

    Item is located in Detroit, MI. Local pickup available. Domestic flat rate shipping available for an additional $35 fee.

    At the bases of my work, I entertain myself with collected, archived, and discarded photographs. I utilize everyday images and processes that align with digital appropriation, scanning, and ink jet printing to create collages, installations, and sculptures. With the vast number of images that I interact with I try to house stereotypical and sentimental characteristics– to explore the hackneyed conventions and personal nuances found in inexpensive and increasingly dated artifacts. I’m invested in the cultural practice of image capturing and question the generalizations they denote. I undermine as well as emphasize a photograph’s nostalgic qualities by reconstructing visual situations with social and economic topics in mind that tap into my bilingual upbringing– to create patterns and bring ambiguous views to subvert a visual structure. My bodies of work look at preserved gestures being echoed in today’s world to interpret photographic forms and images.

    IG: @georgepperez