Corner, Chen Gao, 2D Design ’22


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    30″ x 24″

    acrylic and styrofoam on canvas

    Human living traces and relationships left behind everywhere. It can be visible or invisible, and straightforward or untrammeled. As an individual, living in society, it is impossible to live without building any traces.

    “FAR” free and lonely, “NEAR” sincere and crowded.

    The relationship, the distance, and the communicating ways between different people swing back and forth like counterpoise on a scale, intertwining, and trying to find a balance.

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    Chen Gao is always wondering about the reason each thing happens. She believes everything occurs for a specific reason. Unknowns give her fear, so she needs to find the truth behind them. Whether Gao is standing on the bright or dark side, the shadow is always behind her. She couldn’t help getting rid of herself as she couldn’t live without it. Chen Gao?s work is all about the emotional life of being. She is not creating a form but building an atmosphere to convey a sense of void.

    Ig: @chengaoart