15″ x 10″

The Collective Debt Project takes notice and builds awareness around the amount of debt students carry across various institutions and levels of study. The Cranbrook Academy of Art class of 2021 carries a collective debt of 4,057,144.79 between the 64 students.
The goals of this project are to:
1. Bring awareness and start conversation
2. Demonstrate urgency and necessity to support our student artist community
3. Show the communal (numeric) burden we will carry and its impact moving forward (post MFA)
We are collectively presenting this idea, emphasizing its ability to bring awareness and change. The plan moving forward is to continue to develop this project and reach a larger audience. In the near future we will mint a 64 part digitized image of the weaving, representing the 64 student CAA class of 2021, selling the pieces as nft’s. The 64 blocks will amount to the total collective debt of the class.

The 4 original textiles are for sale here in STUDIO as a complete set. These original pieces, woven cloth, are priced at 67398.31 which is the approximate average debt among the graduating students. If sold, like the other artworks, Cranbrook will take a 25% cut, going to the scholarship fund for future students. The remaining 75% will distribution role, so the remaining balance will be made out to the project coordinator, Elizabeth Shoby, who will then divide the remaining balance equally among the 64 students. In this way, the collective burden transforms into a collective benefit, providing some immediate relief as the graduating students transition into our respective futures.

If you would like to stay up to date join the mailing list or email collectivedebtproject@gmail.com

Item ships from Bloomfield Hills, MI. Local pick up available. Shipping available for an additional fee. Contact aweisbrod@cranbrook.edu for a custom shipping estimate.



3.5%, 6%, 25%, 100%