Cloud Rock 2, Kayla Powers, Fiber ’23


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    20 x 24 x 15

    copper, cotton, linen, wool, plant dyes

    Each piece begins with a length of copper wire. Copper is as soft and pliable as it is strong and solid. I respond to the material?s natural tendencies while weaving it into an organic, dimensional shape. When the structure has been developed, I add layer upon layer of cotton, silk, wool, hemp, secondhand yarn, and repurposed fabric. The act of weaving is slow and meditative, I think about tension, connection, time, and accumulation.

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    Kayla Powers is a place-based artist and naturalist living and working in the North End of Detroit. She make ecologically focused fiber art with and about the living world. Through the traditional practices of foraging, dyeing, weaving, and quilting, Kayla explores the common threads of our shared humanity and what it means to be here now. Her work comes from a place of intuition, curiosity, connection, reverence, and from ancestral knowledge expressed by hand.

    IG: @kayla.powers