Chanterelle, cosmic_gloss


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Spray Foam, Acrylic paint, spray paint, gouache, spackling paste

30″ x 30″ x 25″

Smith House, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright but brought to fruition by School teachers Sara Stein Smith and Melvyn Maxwell Smith, was where I chose to produce work, specifically the curtained blue-green tub in one of the bathrooms. I thought much less about the history of FLW and more about the legacy of the Smith’s determination and conservation of student works when planning Chanterelle. Kevin Adkisson himself has invested so much time and resources into restoring this piece of architectural history to its glory days, not just for the benefit of the Cranbrook institution, but for future generations of students to witness and be inspired. Perseverance against impermanence.

Chanterelle’s namesake comes from a species of edible mushrooms that have existed since the 16th century and is considered a delicacy in French cuisine. The aspects of the piece explore the decadent structures of molds and fungi, a rococo-esque decay that dissolves and displaces human history. The inevitable is inevitable. The task of archiving is truly Sisyphusian. Chanterelle is not a celebration of death but the beauty that still exist through the transition of decay.

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Due to a loan agreement with the Cranbrook Educational Community, Chanterelle will not be available to ship till January 2022.

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