Ceviz, Melih Meric, Print Media ’23

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    8” x 9”

    Blind Embossment on BFK and various papers

    It uses a traditional 6 fold leaf pattern that is found in many mosques and tile work from traditional middle eastern practices, though it subverts it to multiply and visualize the ghost lines that would be erased. It finds beauty in its form, and the color works as a tool to enhance the points of departure and arrival for each line that occupy a traversing gaze.

    Melih is a visual artist born and raised in Istanbul/Turkey. They currently reside in Bloomfield Hills, studying at Cranbrook Academy of Art. Their work captures an identity and diaspora through Islamic sacred geometry. They use printmaking as their main medium. Through abstraction their work explores a spiritual journey towards enlightenment, a complicated history of Islamic tradition and queer representation.

    Website: www.melihmericstudio.com 

    Instagram: @gargamelih