BRINEBOND – Series 2021, Peter Bjorndal


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Thin-ish “bond” paper

8.6″ x 3.9″

This bond has a fifty year “fermentation” period and will be redeemable for the retail value of 100 kilograms of cabbage on April 22, 2071 in exchange for one jar of homemade sauerkraut and a picture of the BRINEBOND Owner making the sauerkraut. The approximate retail value of 100 kilograms of cabbage today is $275. This is your chance to bypass inflation and sextuple your money. Worried that BRINEBOND Issuer will be broke in fifty years? The contract stipulates that Issuer must give up another a work of art made by Issuer or a piece of furniture from Issuer’s place of residence. In the case of Issuer’s death, Issuer’s estate has been instructed to distribute original art from Issuer’s private collection to Owners. For full details, please read the whole contract here: Edition of 25. Unsold bonds will be destroyed. This is the second of three planned bond issuances. The first series of 10 was issued at the KRAUTBROOK event that took place at Cranbrook Academy of Art on 9/27/18. Be advised you are entering into a real legal contract.

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