Botanical Room, Rob Crossno


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Large format 4×5 film, Archival ink-jet paper

Image: 35″ x 28″ With Frame: 39″ x 32″

These works embodies a visual representation of my subconscious brought to life through means of the physical reality around me. The subconscious mind, thoughts we do not openly explore, and the lines between life and death are all topics to be explored, each in their own time. Each installation represents a peek into a thought, with the clear points of an ineffable concept depicted as objects with meaning in our reality. In this whimsical limbo, these ideas for a surrealist reality where we can engage with what lurks beneath the surface of our everyday existence thrive. It is here that I represent the meeting point of reality and psyche, to reorient the world and reality.

This item ships from Hamtramck, MI. Local pick up available. Free delivery and installation available within 30 miles of Hamtramack, MI. Shipping available for an additional fee. Please email for a custom shipping estimate.

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