Archeology, Linda Sanchez, Metalsmithing ’22


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    3 * 2″

    Pink quartz, yellow quartz, silver, steel, resin


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    Sanchez develops her work by observing, understanding, and absorbing her environment, transforming it onto the surface in a context where everything is unstable.
    Sanchez is always collecting, accumulating and repeating. Among those moves, to follow the sounds of the tools is key. It is to hear the process of each material – metal, ceramics, textile, wood, stones – converse about possibilities.
    Bodily posture accompanies each material, a feminine and masculine energy, that manifests in the process. Hammering, melting, fretwork, welding, polishing, are actions with masculine energy that require a clear dialogue with the metal. Wedging, pinching, sewing, …, are actions with feminine energy that… Each material imprints its character and responds to each of the elements of its surrounding – air, fire, water – in a forceful way. To follow this transformation is to understand its response. The metal always remains, melts, and starts again. The ceramic connects with the earth in a fluid, delicate, and fragile way. Sewing, embroidering, smelling become meditative actions that invite peace, and help to address the silence.
    The material evinces its voice in the process, nothing is permanent, what is constant is change, cycles, time are lessons of nature. The object gives life to the instants. It is death that re-calls life.