A Sky Filled with Emptiness, Alice Yutong Hua, Painting ’23

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    About 120 x 100 incehs

    Oil, acrylic on panel, audio equipment

    I want to capture a state in between ?something? and ?nothing.? The seven paintings, each represent a note in the passage, from a lively yellow green to an almost neutral grey color introduces a gradual disappearing visual experience. The silent gaps between each repetition of the audio element gives another clue as well.

    At the time she started her art practice, Hua found herself deeply influenced by the observation, experience, expression, and aesthetic preferences from fictional literature and ancient Chinese poetry. She often explores contrary ideas simultaneously like nature and artificiality, randomness and embodiment, organization, and entropy. Her practice now evolves into gathering theoretical or experiential fragments from personal life, nature, and physical process and expends them into painting, sculpture, photography, and installation.
    Born in Shanghai, Hua finished high school in Canada, earned a BA majoring in fine art, and minoring in chemistry and music from Colby College in Maine. She then moved to Chicago and studied painting at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago for one year. After a few years of relocating and searching, she currently is an MFA painting candidate at Cranbrook Academy of Art. She now lives and works in China, Canada, and the US.


    IG: @aliceyutonghua