A Sculptural Moment, Declan Drisko Knight, Fiber ’23

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    inspiration’ by imagination’

    vine, silk-tensel thread, steel scrap, tennis ball, push pin, tiny tiny bit of orange fabric, light, photograph

    Invisible Tool C/Radio Chair sculpture besides a premonitory gesture both half-catching the allusory luminescence of an annunciatory light

    Declan Drisko Knight is an interdisciplinary craft artist from Los Angeles. His work focuses on the principles of art-making itself – on the pursuit of imagination, on acts of inspiration, and on the connections between thought, material and form/function. With a BFA in Craft from Oregon College of Art & Craft, and an MFA in Print Media from Cranbrook Academy of Art (CAA), Drisko Knight is now pursuing a second MFA in Fibers from CAA through which he is deepening his practices of installation, performance, poetry, sculpture, painting, and, of course, weaving!