A Removed Stringed Instrument, Julia Leone, Metalsmithing ’24

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    4′ 8″ x 1′ 5″ x 1′ 4″

    Wax, Steel

    A Melancholy expression of a lived experience.

    Julia Leone is a Native Michigander, Educator, and conceptually based artist who has been pushing the boundaries of materiality for the last decade. Julia has exhibited artworks throughout the Detroit area and is currently constructing a body of work that captures the invisible aspects of the human experience. In 2018 she received a Bachelor’s in Art Practice from the College for Creative Studies and is now pursuing an MFA in Metals at the Cranbrook Academy of Art. Post-undergrad she taught at a variety of schools and community organizations in the metro Detroit area. Her current work often takes the form of wax, metal, and contemporary jewelry.

    IG: @julia.alisa.leone