Building Blocks, Megha Gupta, Ceramics ’23

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    Wood; Ceramics

    These blocks are meant to be played with, used as design tools to ideate or even to de-stress. They also double as a chess game set.

    Megha Gupta graduted with a degree in Architecture from India in 2018. In her final year, she studied the role of crafts in architecture and was presented with the possibility if “mud houses”. She was drawn towards it and proposed a “Hands on School of Architecture”. Amused by the power of clay and the workability of the material with hands, she enrolled in a pottery class. Continuing to practice pottery during the nights, Megha followed her interest in working with the craftspeople in India. She was engaged with the textlie industry of block printing in Jaipur, where she worked closely with the atisans to produce prints for domestic objects. During her time at the workshop, she noticed the generation of wasteful pigments after the process of dyeing of fabrics. Inspired by Kirsite Van Noort, she was curious about harvesting the waste dye to color ceramics. Megha is currently in the ceramics department of Cranbrook Academy of Art. She is exploring the various prospects of potentially using waste from multple sources to use as replacememts to raw materials in ceramics.

    Instagram: @_megh14