$1000 Art Bond, Peter Bjorndal, 2D Design ’22


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    8 x 3.5″

    High resolution inkjet print on ultra smooth double sided archival fine art paper

    This is a unique chance to help me get my feet off the ground post-Cranbrook while at the same time dig me further into a hole! The nutshell version is this: this Art Bond will mature in twenty years and can then be redeemed for $1,000. You can read the full contract here: https://bjornd.al/art-bond. I’m not messing around, this is a real contract. The bond is equipped with advanced security features to aid in anti-forgery protection; this bond cannot be forged. The proceeds from this bond sale will go towards art-related capital investments. I am an artist through and through and you can help me achieve my goals. Thank you for your support! Spectacular things await!

    Bonus: The first person to buy ten or more will receive the briefcase with gloves, a Monaco postcard, an Official Business notebook, a sealed copy of Fountainswimming, and a Canada Goose patch inside.

    Item is located in Bloomfield Hills, MI. Local pickup available. Domestic shipping included.

    Peter Bjorndal is an artist from the midwest. His free time has been spent making visual art, producing music, and learning about the philosophy of science and economics. He holds a degree in technical writing from the University of Minnesota. He spent four years being paid to direct comedy music videos. Now he spends his time making visual art and music, much of that for his record label and creative basic research organization, Friendly Puppy Music and The Friendly Puppy Music Centre for Basic Research.


    IG: bjornd.al