Highlights from Ken Krayer

I was excited when I first heard about the addition of the 4D program at Cranbrook. I have been following the work emerging from the new 4D program. The students have embraced social media, so it’s pretty easy to follow the work remotely. Two works of particular interest to me are the mobile construction displayRead more ⟶

Highlights from Sarah Turner

From the Metalsmithing program, jewelry and objects serve as talismans, and give us access both to ancient urges, and to how murky feelings travel across cultures. Light and dark, neither is simple.  What is older than time is also with us right now. Swept up with bright colors and the language of delight, jewelry revealsRead more ⟶

Highlights from Paul Kotula

The histories that inspire the functional ware of Yang Li and Jacob Vinson are centuries apart but their conscious goals to infuse domestic life with beauty is shared.  Li and Vinson offer measurable pleasures for eyes and hands, and, while their distinct visions would be welcomed at any point, their gifts as makers seem moreRead more ⟶

Highlights from Natalie Wadlington

It’s been great to see the breadth of conversations explored by the Cranbrook painting class of 2021! The artists have well-developed, unique voices that engage ideas both varied and overlapping.

Highlights Conrad Egyir

From the voluptuous lush fields of shimmering colors, bodies, and landscapes, Maura Latty stirs the imagination with her use of “Aesthetic Transcendence.” She immerses the viewer into a grandiose array of textured mediums that are colorful, comical, contemporary, and nostalgic. About Conrad Egyir Conrad Egyir (b. 1989, Ghana; lives and works in Detroit) has anRead more ⟶