Zhiheng Gong

Class of 2022
4D Design

Website: www.zhihenggong.com
Instagram: @gong_zhiheng

I studied 3D Design at the University of Iowa, where I gradually learned how to be a designer and learned about the styles of many famous designers and architects, like Zaha Hadid, who have been a significant influence. Inspired by her, I integrate curves into my design work to give the viewer a sense of unpredictability. I have also thought about deconstruction and this helped me to realize that when structures are manipulated into novel geometric shapes people can discover the infinite possibilities behind them. During my time at the Cranbrook Academy of Art, I have had more time to think about my project’s deep meaning. In my work, the Canyon Lamp, each layer gradually changes its shape when viewed in profile, so the audience can appreciate the beauty of change from this asymmetry. The book Designing Design, by Kenya Hara particularly resonated with me and inspired the way I think about my work. I am particularly interested in the idea of redesigning something original to allow the audience to appreciate different perspectives of design applied to things in our world. Based on this idea, I designed a third work, the Mirror World. When people think of mirrors, they usually think of complete and regular mirrors, but I have divided them into three irregular parts and inserted curved lights to redefine the impression of mirrors in people’s minds.