Yi Ding

Class of 2022

Instagram: @yiding_artworks

In my works, I have been seeking a balance between my simple design elements and my diverse cultural background, which can be well understood by people and enjoy popular support while exporting the background culture. I use mainly metal alongside many comprehensive materials. The way I view materials and how I utilize them conveys how I view and mark my spot in the world. I think jewelry is not only ornamental to the body but is also transformative within the mind and vision, it is often associated with precious personal experience and emotion. Most of my works reflect people’s self-expression under the complex contemporary social situation. I like to pursue that kind of rare truth and purity. The applications of techniques such as casting, carving, printing, replicating, and so on, all reflect my pursue of details and authenticity. My works can be viewed as either a macro concept or an individual phenomenon, but they are all the conclusions drawn by my continuous capture and mining, feeling and analysis, and integration. I hope that my artworks, which strike the deep recesses of the human mind, can generate reaction and resonance with everyone while criticizing and mapping most of the contemporary people. Whenever people put them on their bodies, they will feel comforted and become gentle, which is the meaning of my artistic creation.