Vikramaditya Raju Kalidindi

Class of 2022
4D Design

Twitter: @aiyyoio
LinkedIn: vikramaditya-k-839b2aa2

I am a designer, maker and digital tinkerer based in Detroit, Michigan. Curiosity in multiple fields of research has led me to fuse disparate elements in unconventional ways to form a practice that straddles both design and art. My works have ranged from two dimensional interfaces for screens to large scale augmented reality encounters that envelope and transport the viewer to alternate worlds. I graduated with a B. Design degree specializing in Product Design. I use this background as a framework to connect interactive technology, physical making and storytelling. Currently pursuing a Masters of Fine Arts degree in 4D Design at Cranbrook Academy of Art, my daily studio experiments use embedded electronics, code, artificial intelligence and data as media to fuel and support my practice. My projects act as a phygital inquiry into the implications surrounding the ways in which emergent technology affects our methods of expression, communication, and assimilation across divisions in a fractured yet connected digital world. By manufacturing interactive fragments pulled from the near future, I’d like to explore how we can challenge our current understanding, relationship with, usage and response to technology, and the new roles it may occupy in our lives and society. Currently available for commissions.