Stacy Lorena Craft

Class of 2021
3D Design

Instagram: @stacecraft0

How do we define life? What/Who do we consider to be alive? What exactly is consciousness? While science has many strengths, explaining these burning questions is not one of them. Science offers no consensus in the way we define life, or who/what we consider to be alive and conscious. Science fails. It is within these failures that my curiosity ignites. My fascination with life’s mysteries and belief that we are all interconnected has introduced a new material to my practice, Mycelium. This fungal root system can be found below earth’s surface and is composed of countless individual strands (hypha) that interconnect forming a colossal network. In sculpting this material, I seek to glorify the network and highlight impermanence given their constant state of flux. The forms I create are inspired by all things found in nature from slugs to bugs, I find myself reimagining many of my favorite beings. Following my curiosities and engaging with materials, I seek to redistribute my own energy into my work, resulting in strange yet familiar expression and aesthetic. I hope to ignite a sense of curiosity as the audience questions what/who meets their gaze.