Sophia Wojnovich

Class of 2021
3D Design

Instagram: @sophiawojnovich

My practice focuses on materiality, performance, sex and sexuality, semiotics, fetishism, and power. Through design, I explore desire, overwhelming scale, voyeurism, and erotica. The objects I make take nods from sexual tropes, toys and furniture, and performance objects. Through specific material and form choices, I make work that encourages exciting interaction and exploration. With my furniture work, I create pieces that are large and demand attention. The scale of the work asks for interaction and exploration by the viewer. With simple but deliberate form, the focus of the furniture becomes how a person interacts with it and how they feel while doing so. My smaller works are playful and have fun with the user. Toying a more obvious line of sexuality, these pieces are prideful in their display of desire and create an exciting interaction for the user.