Ryan David

Class of 2022

Website: www.ryanandrewdavid.com

Ryan David (b. 1992) is an artist and designer working in Detroit, Michigan and Arcosanti, Arizona. David received his Bachelor of Architecture from the Pennsylvania State University’s Stuckeman School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, and is currently pursuing a Master of Architecture at the Cranbrook Academy of Art. David’s multidisciplinary practice utilizes sculpture, installation, and performance to investigate architecture, the built environment, and urban design. David’s work analyzes “space and place” in minute detail, looking for indications of past histories and drawing new associations to envision possible futures.

“The physical structures of our built environment are themselves built upon an invisible architecture of codes, guidelines, setbacks, boundary markers, survey lines, red lines, district lines, utility lines, state lines. The whole world caught in an invisible fishing net. These lines manifest themselves in the actions of the agents that believe in their existence. The work I make seeks to identify, excavate, make tangible, and shine a light on hidden moments of that world that may otherwise go unnoticed, in some cases leading to drastic inequity. I use time, architecture, image and object to draw into physical form those moments of shared negotiation, of commonality, and of communion that shape our lives.”