Bonnie Qinyue Xue

Class of 2022

Instagram: @bonniexuesh

As a Chinese-born female who spent the last decade studying and living in the United States, navigating through the two worlds has altered me and as I have evolved into a new creature. People and objects I’ve interacted with are filled with energy. Chaotic energy makes my nose bleed while soothing energy turns my stomach into a bottomless pit, constantly confronting different energy and deciding whether I want to coexist, absorb, or conquer them during my process of becoming. The act of using materials in ways that do not comply with their original purposes guaranteed an unnatural process that puts materials in danger of themselves. The power of self-destruction within the objects I create holds tension, to divide, to unites all realities and fantasies. The connections they offer by themselves are consuming yet assuring. Throughout my pieces, the handling is hardly noticed. The inefficient transformation of labor creates an obsession to repeat an action again and again. Time flows and freezes in place, creating order and chaos. An unanswered promise. A Loop.