Peter Bjorndal

Class of 2022
2D Design


Peter Bjorndal exists in a world of worry. Increasing economic inequality and partisan-ized science fester while words like “fascism,” “ecocide,” and “hate” linger on his eyelids after his overly-bright portable propaganda device is turned off for the evening. It’s understandable that he may feel hopeless at points, but being trapped under the Wet Blanket of Badness isn’t going to completely stop him from flailing about! While he doesn’t have many answers as to how he helps shift the globe from a pro-growth system to one of pro-development—or even how to wake up well-rested each morning—he does find that in the process of finding answers, turning off notifications, going for walks, making art, and disacknowledging claims of superiority from archaic institutions has been a good start. He can’t control everything, but he can try to manage his experience, and the more he tries, the easier he finds it to navigate, and, hopefully someday, completely dismantle the Wet Blanket of Badness for himself and for others.