Class of 2021

Instagram: @thisispeppa

Peppa is an artist and educator who uses digital media, writing, and installation, to build fantastical worlds. She joins personal narrative, historical research, processed and organic materials, to explore the multidimensionality of healing through storytelling. She is interested in decentering the constructs of sanity created by way of pathologizing racialized and gendered bodies. Her work activates histories, mythologies, and experiences of distress, manifested in the mind, body, and spirit.  Avenues in her research include spice and herbal medicine, queer Iranian history, the Global Mental Health industry, the architecture of confinement and institutional space in the United States, the 19th century development of psychology in Europe, and intercultural mythology. 

Peppa’s work has most recently been exhibited in the Boston Women’s Film Festival (2020). She has received the Emerging Scholar Award this year at the Arts in Society International conference (2021). Her video work, research, and teaching practice have been selected for the Arts in Society conference (2019) and the PsyArt conference (2018). Her work has been included in shows at Arts Worcester gallery, The Sprinkler Factory, Todd Art Gallery, Out of the Blue Too, the Schafer Gallery, and the Museo Fisiocritici (Italy).