Jing-Ying, Su

Class of 2022

“Consonance” is an abstract word that spreads throughout every facet of our daily lives. It can be a moment of being understood, or an identification-response. It is an intangible force which exists in our mind, waiting for the next recursive moment. We capture every touching moment through seeking and discovering in all aspects to refine our own definition to our own lives. Do you have an experience of seeing the ever-changing sunset? We seem to see the feeling of exhausting its glory and strength at the moment right before it sets. People can’t explain such experience, but we weep when we’re close to life itself. Maybe because the beauty of nature reflects our life experience, we resonate with it when we’re a part of nature. I believe there is no such thing as beauty and ugliness in nature and that people project their state of life when they see things. In my work as an architect, I want you to see and feel that the moving materials – the wind, the water, and the sun. They are the simplest and most basic elements; however, they can effortlessly invite people’s emotions and create the wisest relationship between living and the earth. The moments consist of natural change, activity event, and local features. They create deep consonance for people. These significant experiences will turn into emotional movement and nourish us.