Megan Young

Class of 2021
2D Design

Instagram: @meganalexandrayoung

Without laying aside my personal convictions, my artwork hints at concepts relating to flesh and blood in response to desires for satisfaction, acceptance, and healing. Such needs resonate with all of us. Through graphic design, music, ceramic and textiles, my work provides a place for belonging and health, as it contends to the issues of division, shame, and isolation. I hope to alter hearts by pointing others in the direction of the grace and beauty I’ve happened upon in my existence. The common ground found in my work acts as a catalyst to open up the door to healthy conversation with self and community. My work is also heavy in the use of color. Color evokes a courage and bravery that I see as essential traits to creating and living an abundant life. So as is with life, I want my work to speak of abundance and depth, through color and by appealing to the senses. Playing with scale, texture and sound have been three additional ways in which I have been able to experience meaning, depth and beauty, and to receive from them in new, surprising ways. So come, taste and see, but if anything, leave feeling known and loved.