Malik John-Marc Purvis

Class of 2021

Instagram: @crumbled_dust

Malik John- Marc Purvis (b.1993) is an artist and educator based in Chicago, he has his BFA in Painting and New Media from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and is currently attending the Sculpture program at Cranbrook Academy of Art. He has also studied in Aix en Provence studying Impressionist painting. As a first-generation black artist, he seeks to promote a conversation about and with mental illness that he himself also deals with personally in day-to- day life to combat mental health stigma and provide a space for mental health within the arts that is not limited to ideas of horror and violence. Through critical analysis of imagery and media he seeks to diversify interpretations regarding not only the depictions of the mentally ill themselves, but also critically analyze the aesthetic forces that seek to marginalize them as well. Primarily taking the form of landscape his inquiry into images uses symptomology, hermeneutics and the natural world as siphons of inspiration.