Maddie McGinn

Class of 2022
Print Media

Instagram: @maddie_mcginns_art

I have recently started working through continued experiences of chronic migraines with auras, and anorexic tendencies. I would not have gotten to this place in my artmaking practice if I had not started with my family dynamic. The work is becoming a confrontation of oneself, and how our perception of ourselves becomes distorted. My work has always been centered around social practices, with my family and the chosen family you create. My work has taken on an intimate public sphere for the people viewing. What does it mean to have a residue of people passing through? Bringing in photo lithography has given me the ability to create a residue over the photo that makes it appear hazy. This takes me back to migraines and auras, and how in these photos I am fracturing the aura of the memory and the image. There seems to be a shift happening within my work from lineage work about family to inviting people into shared spaces as a combination of social practice and family practice.