Lindsey Lively

Class of 2021

Instagram: @lindseylivelyart

I paint about our existential connection with the natural world by exploring themes of memory, consciousness and time, power dynamics and agency, sexuality and womanhood. I think about the roles we play and the stereotypes we erect, and how I can subvert these things by linking us to our animalistic underbellies.

With a comically dark, disturbing, and/or whimsical perspective, the work frequently references my own childhood, and brings about ideas of the nuclear family by using imagery often tied to “wholesomeness” within contemporary popular American culture–horses, farms, cookouts, dogs, the panting mouth of a golden retriever.

I distort, exaggerate, and abstract form and space for a dreamlike effect–to create a feeling of the instability and impermanence that defines the nature of our existence. Using visceral brushstrokes, my focus often comes back to the body and sensual experience, and the work heightens tensions between conflicting states–attraction vs repulsion, objectification vs agency, childhood vs adulthood, nature vs man, representation vs abstraction. 

Playing with ancient female archetypes and myths, I talk about the maternal instinct, sexuality, and objectification, and how these things relate to power dynamics, ambition and agency–presenting female desire as a predatory instinct and a catalyst for transformation and change.