Linda Kentoffio

Class of 2022
Print Media

Instagram: @lgkarts

My practice has been primarily printmaking based creating etchings and collagraphs that utilize my drawings from nature and natural textures. In the past year I have been focusing on papermaking and started incorporating my prints into my paper, whether printing on my handmade paper, or including my prints within the sheets during formation. Using wood and steel frameworks with my paper I am hoping to shift to creating large sculptural forms and installations that put the viewer in the same space as my work and encourages interaction between the two. It is my goal to begin to collaborate with nature in my pieces through the degradation of my paper from the elements, or from plant and animal interaction with my pieces over time. I want to create an environment that may at first seem off or uncanny to the viewer but with a mystery that keeps the viewer engaged with the work and wanting to spend time in the environment with the piece. The use of light in my lanterns serves this purpose well, and the more I put my pieces out in nature the more I feel the tension that can be created with integrating human made into nature.