Kexin Wen

Class of 2022

Instagram: @kenxin_wen

In this series, I want to focus more of the idea of value and preciousness. There is a quote in Philip Sajet’s brook said: “Diamond is by contrast a poetic symbol, infused with the qualities of the elite that it is applied to symbolize: it is hard, it is clear, it is luminous”. It makes me confused about the standard of elite. Why only rare, luminous and hard things can represent preciousness and become valuable? So, I use dark and “non-valuable “materials to make wearable jewelry to question the light and shine quality.

I used charcoal as the main material to combine with brass. Charcoal shares the same element carbon with diamond, but the society give them two completely different value. The charcoal, as jewelry, is fragile but it will leave marks on people’s clothes, and even people take the jewelry off, the marks will still there to show others that there is something on their clothes before.

I think this quality of charcoal is beautiful and precious. And I hope the charcoal jewelry can also share this preciousness to the audience and let them rethink about the social value and preciousness system.