Jo Lobdell

Class of 2022

Instagram: @johannalobdell

Jo Lobdell’s work engages nonlinear time scales. She is interested in the kinds of changes that happen at such a slow pace that they go unnoticed. As extreme as they may be, these shifts are not recognized because of a lack of adjacency and comparison. Lobdell’s work builds the contrast that is necessary to address these temporal topics. She uses materials like wood, metal, fabric, paper, plastic, natural fibers, pigments, and dyes to create through sculpture and collage. The work is realized with vital forms that posture as lighthearted, but challenge internal revelations of change. Lobdell is launching a career in the visual arts following a decade as a partner at Matter Design – an award-winning architecture and design practice. She received an AAS in Graphic Design from Parsons School of Design, a BFA from Lesley University, and is currently pursuing an MFA in the Sculpture department at Cranbrook Academy of Art.