Jacob Vinson

Class of 2021

Website: www.chasingchawan.com
Instagram: @old_man_science
Etsy: hotelfireceramics

Recreating antiquated ceramic wares is a straightforward albeit complex task. While the control offered in modern firing practices makes it possible to achieve a multitude of results from the same firing chamber, it is that same control which can unintentionally eliminate the sought outcome. The missing element that can be attributed to chance, in theory, cannot be artificially reproduced. However, if chance is probability, and chemistry is a known variable, then study and insight can offer a comparable avenue to what was once the unknown. Once base research has been established, one can then manipulate variables to alter results. Following traditional processes while making alterations to materials has become a way for me usher utilitarian vessel-making forward. Compounds that were once precious are now commonplace. Advances in chemistry have led to new avenues that can be used to create spectrums once inaccessible within the realm of ceramics. My research around the ceramic vessel tends towards one of two things- “Is it possible for modern processes to reproduce what was once considered standard?” and “Can present-day materials amplify what is a known outcome?” The second is an avenue of research that can only be explored when understanding of the first has been developed. The former serves to bring forth ancient works into a modern setting, and the latter offers a path at carrying these traditions forward.