Ian Miller

Class of 2022

Website: ianmillerart.com
Instagram: @cockroachhotel

Ian Miller (b.1995, North Carolina) is a painter utilizing appropriation, as well as invented imagery, resulting in a practice of disparate style and subject matter. After graduating from UNC Greensboro in 2018, and attending Vermont Studio Center the following year, Ian is working to complete his MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art. Questioning paintings status in our highly networked digital world(think reception of paintings via Instagram, Contemporary Art Daily) Ian’s work reflects on these mediated conditions, and looks for ways to represent them. Referring to himself as a cyber-flaneur, strolling around the city reacting to the environment, this time however, in the digital sphere. Despite a conceptual interest in the internet, the tactile material presence and formal qualities of painting are a central focus of Ian’s work. The images are painted on thin canvas with mistakes and imperfections, so that the digital source material may still look “painted-on.” An interplay occurs between an image obviously rendered digitally and later translated to canvas. A narrative component occurs of a life inside and outside of the digital environment.