Emily J. Fruth

Class of 2022

Website: www.ejfmetals.com
Instagram: @ejfmetals

This body of work contemplates the residual sensations that remain after abuse. It examines the unspoken words that, in a moment of horrifying muteness, are left to boil and fester under our skin for years to come. The way the ghost of touch can still possess our bodies against our wills. The moments that are encapsulated within us, as clear as the day they were born, never fading or becoming distant with age. I am exploring the grotesqueness of these phenomena by reaching for the beauty within the trauma. Each object refuses to accept marks of survival as blemishes that diminish the beauty of the survivor. Instead, they claim their own kind of beauty; a beauty that refuses to apologize for what it has been through. It honors its history and declines to hide that history for the comfort of others.