Doug Jones

Class of 2022
Print Media

Instagram: @douglasjonesartdesign
Twitter: @DouglasJonesArt

Originally from Michigan, I am an artist and designer based in Detroit. I explore joy, the way our brains develop, the way we interpret shapes and color, and the ways we develop a sense of identity. My work examines how we collectively derive meaning within spaces, reinterpreting space as ultimately philosophical—asymmetries and texture as indicative of pain, and repetition as healing’s call. I also explore layers and depth in 2D, 3D, and 4D applications (versus one perceivable surface). I often use dots and grids in a multi-media process that produces work akin to pointillism. Like a million objects within an object, each work takes on separate characteristics from a distance. Our minds fill in patterns with missing parts to develop the half-truths and misperceived realities we each walk around with. Our minds bounce back, creating bridges that ultimately and successfully transcend the parts of something we don’t yet see. In other words, we are able to create in our minds what we desire. I explore process and integrate contemporary and traditional materiality into the production of my work.