Diana Noh

Class of 2022

Website: https://diananoh.com
Instagram: @moontidal.wave

My life drifts in the encroaching tide of familial depression. The presence of family simultaneously comforts and drowns me. Born as the eldest child, I was taught to be more mature than my age. Suppressed by this maturity, I learned to exhibit a fake persona of emotion that was ideal for others. Fatigued of wearing this persona for a prolonged period of time, I long to retrieve my sincere face of emotion. Denoting curiosity, my practice are hybrids, entitizing somewhere across image, object, and installation. Penetrated by emotional anguish and subconscious, they oscillate between questions of imagination and reality, material and immaterial, apparent and obscure. It is opaque but somehow lucid. Having a glimpse, itself contains superficial beauty, depicts serene, stillness and tranquility. However, engaging more actively, agony, fear, hesitation reside inside the frame. Everyone has a different texture of emotion. This leads a person to live life bearing a shard that will never be understood by others. I hope my art practice invites the viewers to find their own door which leads to earn the courage to peek inside their personal anguish. Not to be swallowed by this personal sorrow, to embrace their intrinsic shape of emotion.