Dessislava Terzieva

Class of 2021

Instagram: @slavadelic

Dessislava Terzieva (b. 1989, Sofia, Bulgaria) is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice encompasses sculpture, installation, public intervention and engaged performance. Born at the sunset of the communist regime in Bulgaria, Terzieva’s process and material choices reflect growing up in the flux of radical change complicated by peripheral scarcity. 

Self-taught through intuitive play and philosophical curiosity, she employs a utilitarian approach, improvising with pre-existing objects gathered from personal experience and immediate environments to explore concepts of (be)longing, (dis)connection, (mis)communication and authenticity. Her distinct visual language and conceptual investigations result from a lifetime of oscillation between two contrasting worlds: the East of her birth and the West of her migration. 

Through the recontextualization of materials embedded with symbolic and cultural connotations, she engages in acts of imaginative rediscovery that not only seek to bridge gaps between time and space, but to establish the “in between” state as a place unto itself.