Declan Drisko Knight

Class of 2021
Print Media


Declan Drisko Knight graduated from Oregon College of Art and Craft in 2019 with a BFA in Craft from the Book Arts department – where he found a lens of making through which to mind material, quality, process, and purpose. This has been the scope of Drisko Knight’s studio practice – a spectacle of colors and connections – finding a philosophy of making which reflects these pinnacles of craft. It is a mood, a mode – a means through media; a mentality to create, to have fun and simply get shit done. And the studio, the space of creation, of generation, is the paper, the press… the stage, the platform of thought materializing. Drisko Knight is graduating from the Print Media department here at Cranbrook Academy of Art this year, but, for the love of his loom, will be coming back. To the Fibers department this time. Diving into this impulsive and serendipitous process of making has soaked everything in self-indulgent thoughts of practice. Perhaps there is a more direct, more giving method and mentality, another philosophy of making for me to explore. All sales will help fund another productive two-year adventure in this amazing place!