Cooper Siegel

Class of 2022

Instagram: @cooperwraystudios

My work is a series of material systems that focus on a conversation between form and materials in order to explore the affects that contemporary life has on the individual. I make work that examines the past, present and future of the human relationship to material in order to examine the dependency human life has on the natural environment. As an attempt to find balance in the world, I see my practice as a meditation on the anxieties and tensions that exist in the current landscape. Through the study of materiality I strive to find the parallels and dissonances between the structures we build, the bodies we inhabit and the social systems that surround us. I am interested in the phenomenology and alchemical properties of material. My work can be seen as a tool for observation into what binds our material world and an exploration of the stresses that exist in the systems around us.