Chris Kay

Class of 2022
4D Design

Instagram: @cm_kay

My work investigates our human affectivity as it is created from our senses. Whether they are olfactory, tactile sensations, or visual stimulation all sensory input is interpreted through similar means to get different cognitive results. My work investigates the distribution of multiple sensations into affectivity for the observer. I do this within both spectacle and quiet observation while leaning more toward the seductive and engaging. My recent experiments have focused on light, color, movement, and pattern. And for the future I am investigating the integration of haptics and sound. I feel that there is a significant opportunity in sending and delivering tactile sensations electronically beyond the use of simple vibration. Current questions I am wrestling with are, what is touch, what does it mean to feel? And how can we stimulate this sensation effectively and accurately via electronic means? These observations are interpreted through individuals’ personalities creating a meaning and reality around, and sometimes outside of, facts. I am fascinated by how our personalities affect our life experiences, the effects they have on the people around us, and the wholistic benefit or detriment they have on our lives.