Chen Gao

Class of 2022
2D Design

Instagram: @chengaoart

I come from China. This is the fifth year I have been to the US. I changed a lot and began to be accustomed to new ways of living in society. At this time, I found my mind changing dramatically and then began to find myself. Sometimes, I felt awkward when trying to fit into a new environment. I repeatedly thought about how I could relax, even though other people did not feel any different from me. This is about my utopia, as well as the process of learning and finding myself. My utopia builds my creative world that is the space in my studio and how I construct my mind and logic into the physical work. There is a lot of clash of ideas mixed in this environment. It was perfect for me! I believe that everything happens for a reason. Even though this happened many years ago, it is still present in my life and has impacted me. My mind grows under the influence of my subconsciousness. I picked up those hidden traces in my deep mind and transformed my subconsciousness into consciousness. In the process of learning who I am, I become stronger.