Carmichael Jones

Class of 2022

Instagram: @captcarmikes

I create installations, sculptures, films, photographs and performative objects that offer collected moments of a suspended present, highlight the hand of making and the dynamics of material exchange all informed by a desire to contribute in a direct way to addressing the question of what art can do to open perception. Materials such as glass, metal, photographic images and wood are common in the work as well as textiles, paint, light and video. I’m drawn to representations of recognizable objects in altered states: a pallet that becomes a path, a window that becomes a portal. A frame functions as a boundary not just a border. Always code switching. I am consistently aware of existing in this liminal body, and the motivation to embrace that feeling reaches out in the work. I think of architecture as bodies we build for our bodies. The scale of my work plays with its relationship to the viewer as we all take up space. I am former adjunct faculty at Tyler School of Art and Architecture and University of the Arts and have shown work at The Museum of Glass and Vox Populi among others. I am creative co-director of The Whole Shebang (Philadelphia) and a former fellow at the Creative Glass Center of America.